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We do our best to meet and exceed our customers' high standards. Here's what they say about our efforts.

"We are starting our third mail-out and are very pleased with the previous results. The mail-out was very informative and simple to understand.  We appreciated the quick response."

Steve Bales
Funeral Director & Co-Owner
Stetzer Funeral Home
Morristown, TN 37814

At Julian Peeples Funeral Home, we have been involved with Joe for many years and he has been great. The addition of The Preneed Store was something we needed. We have been extremely happy with all the great preneed literature, including the planning guides. We have also used The Preneed store for several mail out programs, the most recent being the tri-fold mailer. The response we have received on the mail out is amazing. If you are looking for great preneed brochures or wanting to increase your market share with a mail out, I highly recommend The Preneed Store."

Jane Peeples


Julian Peeples

"The survey mailer was very successful and resulted in many prearranged funerals! The customer service standard at The PreNeed Store is of the highest quality. Pricing is very reasonable and it includes printing, mailing, consulting and again great customer service, which is valuable, fast and accurate turn around of the survey responses.

We received our survey leads the next day if not the same day as their staff did. That makes our job so much easier and gives our business a better reputation in the community.

We whole-heartedly and with out any reservations recommend this company to others! Well, except not in our area, we consider The PreNeed Store our secret weapon. No seriously, they are the best and anyone would be helping himself or herself to use The PreNeed Store."

Alexander Ruegg

Ruegg Funeral Home, Inc.
Piedmont, MO
Greenville & Williamsville, MO

Tracy Quinter
Preneed Counselor

Testimonial from the second largest cemetery in the United States...

"Joe, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for assisting me in custom creating our cemetery preneed survey. Even in a market that has been saturated by direct mail we were still able to get a good rate of return and are continuing to work the leads that were generated. We have used other services in the past but none were able to compare with the high quality of the survey that you created for us. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a direct mail provider to consider using The PreNeed Store!"

Brad Palmer
Director of Cemetery Planning Services

Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum
Cincinnati, OH

"We are very pleased with the brochures we recently purchased from The PreNeed Store. They are very well done and we received them within a few days. We have purchased materials from Insurance Companies in the past, but what we like about The PreNeed Store brochures is that they are generic, they do not have an Insurance Company name on them."

Terry & Kathy Shinkle

Webb-Shinkle Mortuary
Clearwater, KS

"The PreNeed Store has provided our funeral homes with the highest quality material we have seen. The prices are great and the service is very fast. I would recommend The PreNeed Store to anyone in the preneed industry."

Jay Hardy
CMO, Owner

Unity Financial Life Ins. Co.
Cincinnati, OH

"The PreNeed Store is a strong and reliable company that has been very helpful in supplying us with informative materials for our customers with prompt delivery. I recommend The PreNeed Store to any business that desires to stay on the cutting edge with the latest brochures and other helpful materials."

Mark & Valerie Talley

Peeples Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc..
Chatsworth, GA

"We have had many positive responses from our funeral directors in regards to The PreNeed Store. You have developed some excellent products! Your brochures are attractive, well written, and different. Your pricing has been significantly more competitive than other sources available in the marketplace today and the wide range of products makes it easy to find something that compliments the style of any funeral home. You are a pleasure to deal with and we could not be happier with either product or service."

 Y.W. Scarborough, III
CEO & President

Atlantic Coast Life Ins. Co.
Charleston, SC

"The PreNeed Store takes the guesswork out of marketing for funeral homes.  Their materials are based on research with consumers and funeral homes to determine what works.  The PreNeed Store knows how to reach consumers in a way that makes a sensitive subject less intimidating and easier to understand."

Jerry Hennenhoefer
Vice President, Sales

Columbian Mutual Life Insurance Company
Columbian Life Insurance Company

Binghamton, NY

"We at Bryant-Grant Funeral Home have ordered several items from The PreNeed Store. We realize that the death of a family member leaves most people unprepared. The booklet " What do I do now" helps families gather information and be more prepared with the information they need when death occurs. We give these out to our preneed customers. We also have several pamphlets available to the families to support them in their time of grief.  You have easy access to The PreNeed Store's website and we found that it was easy to order from. If you need assistance you can call Joe Salcedo and he is very helpful, kind and can assist you with any questions you have." 

Guy Grant

 Bryant-Grant Funeral Homes, LLC
Franklin, NC

Charlotte Grant


"I met Joe several years ago regarding his work with insurance products. In all my years in this business I have never met an easier person to work with.

After he started the Preneed Store I saw an opportunity to get information and product literature that is not solely offered by the insurance companies we represent. The materials I purchased were delivered as promised and the prices on the brochures and guides are very competitive. I will continue to shop from The PreNeed Store."

Hank Williams
Funeral Director/Manager

Pikeville Funeral Home
Pikeville, TN

"We selected The PreNeed Store to compliment our preneed program because we found their literature to be both attractive, in good taste and easily understood without confusing the reader.

I would certainly recommend any funeral home wishing to put their "best foot" forward in PreNeed marketing to examine the brochures and material available from The PreNeed Store, and I am sure you will agree these offer good taste and great value." 


Waltham, MA

Mary - Wayne

Belmont, MA

Wayne F.X. Brasco Sr.

The Brasco & Sons Memorial Chapels Inc.
Belmont & Waltham, Massachusetts

"I decided to buy from The PreNeed Store because the company I represent knows Joe and gives him a good name. From the two purchases I have made thus far, this company is a quality company to do business with. They have met my expectations by giving good service and quality products. I plan to purchase products again as my need arises.

Yes, I would recommend this company to others because I am a satisfied customer. Joe and his people have quality products and give exceptional service, something we all should be looking for in the people we do business with."

Monty L. Bowen

Monty Bowen Agency
Unity Financial Pre-Need Manager for NC
Fairmont, NC

"We here at Rhue's Mortuary are very pleased with the 'Funerals Can Be Planned In Advance' brochure. The information contained therein is extremely helpful, easy to read and comprehend. We are also very happy with the service rendered by your firm. The timeliness in which the order was filled and the personal contact from you to insure accuracy prior to printing are the things that epitomize good customer service. We will certainly reorder as well as recommend your company to others."

Florence L. Rhue
COO, Owner

Conway, SC

"Through a web search I found The PreNeed Store online, and I'm glad I did. With their expert help and fantastic art department, they helped me create the perfect mailer for my business."To assist me further they asked me a few questions about the type of clientele I wanted to reach and within a very short time I had my list. Now I don't have to recreate the wheel each time I want to reach people. I simply pick up the phone or email The PreNeed Store, tell them how many to mail out, and I'm done! Couldn't be any simpler.

If you want to increase your preneed business, contact The PreNeed Store. You won't be disappointed. They are very upfront with their pricing and you know exactly what you're getting. Thank you The PreNeed Store for getting me back in the game!

Charles Lux

Charles Lux

Lux Funeral Home
Lux Logo

"When I became a bereavement coordinator, I inherited pamphlets and other resources that were wordy and an awkward size. My perception is that, when individuals are in the initial throes of grief, they need something that acknowledges "someone cares" with a simple statement of hope. I searched the Internet for bereavement brochures and discovered The PreNeed Store. The beauty of the three I use (spouse, parent, and sibling) shines through "Healing does not mean Forgetting." As friends stumble looking for the right thing to say, The PreNeed Store has captured the essence of comfort - I can heal and I will never forget.

Jim Yoder  Jim Yoder

Jim Yoder
Bereavement Care

AseraCare Hospice
Lancaster / Lebanon, PA

"The PreNeed Store exceeded my expectations. High quality materials that I am proud to present to the families we serve."

Jerry R. Guy, Director
Integrity Preneed Solutions
Stockbridge, GA