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The PreNeed Store™ is a small business where you will be treated with the same respect and professionalism that you extend to your families. We are big enough to fulfill our commitments and small enough to provide personalized service. Thanks to our many satisfied customers we have experienced solid growth each year.

The original owners of The PreNeed Store retired at the begining of 2018. The PreNeed Store’s value is created through the support of loyal customers, and so they worked hard to ensure that the on-going business recognizes that superb customer support, high-quality and low cost products continue to be the foundation of the business.

As the new owners, we recognize that the price we're paying includes a premium for the goodwill that has been created through The Salcedo's good relationships with their customers, and so they were keen to ensure that they protected that value by working hard to keep existing customers happy.

We very much appreciate the business, understand how to operate it properly, and are keen and capable of developing its future potential because we have been with the business since its inception eight years ago, having dealt with customers, designed, printed, stockpiled and shipped all the past orders.

The previous owner, Joe Salcedo, will be staying on through a transition arrangement to ensure a smooth handover of the business. No major changes are planned for the business in the short term. However, we will be seeking customer feedback to identify how additional customer value can be created and have many short-term benefits to offer.

If your goal is to increase your preplanned funeral/cemetery sales, offer solace to families who grieve, or provide aftercare support, our materials will help you achieve your goal. Our materials offer all the information that families want and need. We will be constantly adding to our products and responding to the needs of our customers. We are committed to offering high quality, professionally designed materials while maintaining low prices with free shipping.

Best Regards,

Melissa J. Wildonger
Customer Care Manager