Burial, Cremation Survey

Burial, Cremation Survey
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This funeral home direct mail survey presents thought provoking questions to the reader and gets them thinking about their own situation.

It asks them to help you better serve the community by answering some questions that will help you improve your services.

It offers information that gives you an opportunity to talk with them.

*Base Price:  $790 per 1,000. A minimum purchase of 3,000 is required. Any quantity over 3,000 can be entered. See what the Base Price includes below.


Postage Paid Return Envelopes returned to The Preneed Store

For an additional $.07 piece, Postage Paid Return Envelopes are printed with The Preneed Store's Response Centers address, who will scan and email responces to your representative.

Additional USPS Deliveries - (Split into multiple deliveries)

For $20.00 per additional delivery you can split your Direct Mail Campaign into multiple "drops" to the USPS to prevent all pieces being delivered in the same time frame.

FREE EDITING - This survey can be edited to present your services, offerings and message. Just tell us what it should say and look like and we will make it happen.

Call or email to obtain counts for the zip codes to mail.

*Base Price Includes:

  • US Postage to mail
  • Purchase of name/mail list
  • Customization/Editing
  • 4-color printing of mailer
  • #10 Outer mailing envelope
  • Enclosed #9 postage paid return envelope to Customer's Response Center
    (Can be printed with The Preneed Store's Response Centers address for an additional charge)
  • Ink jet addressing, folding, inserting, sealing, and single delivery to the USPS (Multiple drops, up to three additional, can be made for an additional charge to prevent all pieces from being delivered in the same time frame.)