Direct Mail Letters With Reply Cards

Letters With Reply Cards can be customized to present any message such as new location, upcoming seminar, your funeral, cremation or cemetery services or combine elements of different messages. The design, colors and images can also be customized. The letters and 3.5" x 8.5" reply cards are printed in 4 colors.

Letters and reply cards are generally used when a lot of space is needed to present a message. One or both sides of the letter can be used for the message. The reply card can be used to present teaser points and/or request information.


  • Using a return envelope increases the number of returns. Recipients consider the information on a reply card to be confidential and prefer the privacy an envelope provides.

Use of these surveys to generate leads for a licensed life insurance agent may be considered advertising based on the insurance laws in many states.  Prior approval of these materials by the insurance company you are appointed with may be required.  You should contact your insurance company for information.

Materials used in Texas that mention prepaid funeral plans must contain the website address of in order to be compliant with Texas Department of Banking laws.